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Our products and services:

We aim to tailor a solution to resolve your needs and the business you are in. Our staff understand that our extensive range of flexible solutions is a strong basis from which to start but this is also matched by our ability to get to know your business and its drivers. Without this the systems created become restrictive, inflexible and very often unusable by the very staff tasked to employ them.

Veritas Risk Management offer an innovative and flexible approach to risk management tailored to the individual needs of the business and work with staff to empower and create ownership.

We also aim to minimise disruption to your business operations by where ever possible working around your existing business.

We know our Risk Management Services work because we deliver systems that your staff can use in a real working environment.

benefits of Veritas Risk Management

Veritas Risk Management products are results driven:

  • Insurer recognised solutions – our staff have worked for and with some of the largest Insurers in the UK and Europe.
  • Improved profitability - customers who work with our staff see their risk incident rates reduce significantly, some by up to 75%.
  • Customers have been using our services for years as we keep updating and improving.
  • They work as we work with the staff who will ultimately use them. We also keep working with them to keep ideas fresh.

Risk Management benefits to your company:

  • Improved Profit Margins – Improving effectiveness, reducing room for error or loss etc.
  • Reduced business costs – Active support that may lead to potential insurance savings
  • We help introduce and reinforce a risk improvement culture within a business empowering as many staff as possible to become risk managers.
  • We work with client stakeholders such as Insurers, Brokers, Authorities and others to help them recognise the company as having a responsible attitude to risk management.

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